Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old girl from Sweden. Nothing particularly spectacular about that... only that she is one of the most prominent climate activists of the 21st century and has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize. Greta is most famously known for ‘School Strike for Climate Change’. Back in December 2018, Greta made a speech for the United Nation, that really laid bare the truth about the problem that we’re all facing. 
I was also inspired by the ‘State of The Planet’ visual essay below which was centered around climate change. The style in particular was very appealing to me, as I had create various digital artworks before using a graphics tablet, but this style was very cartoon-esque and for more stylistic that any of my previous work. I drew out all of my assets individually in Photoshop, and then inserted then in After Effects and began manipulating them and key-framing them.
This piece was created for the Motion Graphics module during the 1st year of my degree.
This piece was also shown at the International Environmental Film Festival FICMA (now SUNCINE) in 2019, as part of their 'Friday's for Future' showing.

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